Shoes Manufacturing
The traditional method of shoe making face two problems. One is the mould does not match, the other is could not express the accurate decorative patterns in the development and manufacturing phase, which consequently will affect handover time, the acceptance inspection and the normal production.
Shining3D adopt the advanced 3D scanning,3D inspection technology into the development and manufacturing of the soles, heels and shoe last ,which bring a new era of the shoe design for the shoe manufacturer.
The benefit to the enterprises by the comprehensive solution from Shining3D
1. Build the 3D shoe mould rapidly to speed up the design process
Shining 3D OpticScan 3D scanner adopting the advanced photographing scanning for the shoe soles and shoe last which could capture the point cloud data information of the object surface, obtaining the CAD 3D data model after processed to assist with the design work of the shoe last and shoe soles;
Contrasting with the CAD design to generate the detailed error analysis report which could improve and assure the quality of the products;

Shoe soles rapid 3D scanning
2. Rapid scanning the mould of shoe soles, shoe last to obtain the parting line, the color separating groove and mould surface information, in order to make the complete CAD data file for the qualified mould production.
Shining3D OpticScan could scan the mold to obtain the high density mold point cloud data. The mold designer could revise and make the complete CAD data and obtained the patrix through the CAD data,matching the parting line and the parting surface accurately to be the qualified mold;
Shining3D scanner applicable for the scanning of the mold mass production due to its fast scanning feature. Shining3D scanner could scan large or small sized mold with the key features: Photographing 3D scan, Rapid obtaining the point cloud data, assuring the completeness of the scanned data comparing with the laser scanner;
STL dataSTL mould → Parting line → 3dscan
3. Realizing the personalized shoe customization to meet the requirements from the consumers and leading the trend.
The 3D scanning equipment from Shining3D could achieve the accurate 3D scanning for the personalized customization, offering the reliable data support to the personalized shoe design.
Combining the digital shoe last technology and the CNC equipment to build the personal shoe last database which could realize the integration the foot shape scanning and the shoe last design and reduce the production cycle;

Shoe personalized customization                              Foot 3d data
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